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About K&C Builders

A true turn key general contractor for all of your residential and commercial needs. 

Many contractors use the terms General Contractor loosely, many are not true general contractors and accept projects they are not qualified for. At K&C we have over 30 years of experience as true general contractors. From smaller one trade projects like a concrete extension to extensive ground up builds  and new construction, K&C builders in equipped for the job at hand. Our work stands the test of time, that is the greatest testament to our capabilities. 


Our Process

The greatest outcomes results in precise planning. The execution can only be a great as the plan. Every project that enters our workload goes through a precise planning process. Our aim is to ensure our clients wants, needs and wishes are all carefully calculated and understood. Our process begins with a discovery meeting about a potential project.  


Discovery Meeting

A meeting with a potential client to discuss the needs, wants and desires. In our space miscommunication can be costly not only financially but also wasteful of time. We want to fully understand the vision you have for your project.



Taking the discovery meeting notes, measurements and site documentation into account we are able to build a comprehensive estimate that directly illustrates the options available for your project. Most projects are not cookie cutter and require customization to ensure the desired outcome of that clients vision are executed.

Project Execution

From day one of a small project to day 45 of a large project it is our dedication to on site project management that secures our success. Every detailed cut, precise measurement and correct installation matter at K&C.


The Finishing


How we finish a project is equally important to how we started it. Our objective in every scenario is to leave our clients seeing their vision come to life. For us corners cut is integrity lost and we will not settle for good enough.  


Quality Service, Everytime Time.

At K&C our dedication to quality throughout every project will never be matched.

Let's make your dream a reality.
Tell us about your project today.

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